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Program Educational Objectives

Mission Statement

“The University of Cartagena, as a public institution, through the accomplishment of its teaching, research and extension substantives functions, as well as its internationalization process, form competent professionals in different areas of the knowledge, with scientific, humanistic, ethical, cultural and axiological foundation. This allows them to exercise responsible citizenship, contribute to the social transformation, and lead processes of economics, environmental and cultural development within its institutional action context.”

The Civil Engineering program mission statement is: “Train civil engineers in a comprehensive way that contribute to the sustainable development of the Colombian Caribbean Region and the country. To do this, it is committed to the permanent development of teaching, the strengthening of research and social projection, the relevance of its curriculum proposal and its consolidation as a high quality academic program at national and international level.”

Program Educational Objectives

The Civil Engineering program educational objectives were revised in November 2016 and January 2017 to clarify the language and to align them more directly with the curriculum proposals of the Program, University Mission, technological needs, and Internationals Engineering Criteria. They are as follow:

  • To try for the integralformation of the students as a citizen and to develop the competences associated with the civil engineering career.
  • Generate scientific and technological research products designed to meet the needs of the region and the country.
  • Participate in key decision-making for sustainable development at local, regional and national levels.
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