Facultad de Ingeniería

Program Educational Objectives

Mission Statement

The institutional mission statement speaks:

Universidad de Cartagena, as a public institution, through the accomplishment of its teaching, research and extension substantives functions, as well as its internationalization process, form competent professionals in different areas of the Knowledge, with scientific, humanistic, ethical, cultural and axiological foundation. This allows them to exercise responsible citizenship, contribute to the social transformation, and lead processes of business, environmental and cultural development in its institutional action context.

The SE program mission statement speaks:

To form Quality Systems Engineers, with a research and business spirit, who are able to transfer, adapt and develop information and communication technologies, in aspects related to the design, creation, analysis, modelling, transmission, presentation, as well as information and system operations security. In line with the competitiveness needs of the productive, industrial, computer and telecommunications sectors, to contribute to the scientific, technological and social development of the Caribbean region and the country.

Program Educational Objectives

The SE program main objective is to form System Engineers with solid, ethical and moral principles, who are able to innovate and develop information and communication technologies in a logic, creative and organized way for the development of the area, the region and the country. The SE program has established the following Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

  1. Strengthen research support in training processes.
  2. Promote the permanent relationship between the program and the external environment, both governmental and private in order to make an emphasis on evaluation and implementation of new information and communication technologies.
  3. Generate favorable environments to create information technology companies, which contribute social, political and economic development of the region and the country.
  4. Promote the systems engineer well-rounded education.
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