Facultad de Ingeniería

Program Educational Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of Universidad de Cartagena is stated as follows «Universidad de Cartagena, as a public institution, through the fulfillment of its substantive teaching, research, internationalization and social projection functions, forms competent professionals in different areas of knowledge, with scientific, humanistic, ethical and axiological training, which will enable them to exercise responsible citizenship, contribute to social transformation, and lead business, environmental, and cultural development processes within the scope of its institutional action»

The Chemical Engineering Program has the mission to form competent professionals, with solid scientific, technological, and humanistic bases, committed to the conservation of the environment, characterized by their ethics, creativity, entrepreneurship, and problem-solving capacity that promote the sustainable industrial development of the Caribbean region, and the country, according to the trends of Chemical Engineering in the international field.

Program Educational Objectives

Objective 1: To promote the capability to act ethically, with a high sense of professional and social responsibility.

Objective 2: To encourage the qualification to make rational, efficient and sustainable use of the resources made available to him.

Objective 3: To contribute with the technological development of the industries of the physical, chemical, and biochemical transformations of the Caribbean region and the country.

Objective 4: To develop the capacity to design, install, operate, evaluate, manage, innovate, research, consult and control industrial chemical processes.

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